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Dissemination Final Conference

An appropriate technology solution to manage explosives traceability and the associated documentation is demanded by the industry, as well as competent Authorities. Thus, the EXQUDO project was launched with the aim of developing an information system for that purpose, on the basis of the e-Administration standards.
Before the project end, we are celebrating on March, 31st the Final Dissemination Conference.During the one-day event, the EXQUDO system will be described from different approaches.
First, the advantages of this system for the explosives industry will be discussed, keeping the focus on remarking how it impacts on security and coordination throughout the explosives supply chain.
Second, it will be depicted the role of the system as a key component that fills the technology gap between the industry and Guardia Civil. It will be remarked the contribution to keep control of end-to-end traceability of explosives that is manufactured, delivered and used in Spain.
A life demonstration of the platform is scheduled as well.

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